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Transition - the rise of spring Yin Yoga Workshop

  • Transition - the rise of spring Yin Yoga Workshop

Spring is coming and with it changes. Some are visible and some are veiled.
The changes in nature we can clearly see and feel.
The changes in our body often are more hidden.
As the hours of sunlight increase and nature changes, our flow of energy gets stronger.
In traditional Chinese medicine the assigned element for spring is wood.
Wood stands for a new beginning, the birth and childhood.
The organs are Liver and Gall Bladder.
The color is Green. Spring’s energy is fresh, vigorous and a strong will to grow.

In Yin Yoga we activate the flow of energy in the meridians by staying longer in the poses.
We literally melt into the pose and reach the deeper tissues of the body.

This Yin Yoga workshop celebrates the transition from winter to spring.
By diving deep into body and mind we raise our perception and welcome the new.

- a brief introduction to Yin Yoga
- a brief introduction to the TCM 5 element theory
and the sequence that we will do
- with this Yin Yoga sequence we celebrate the transition into spring

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced attendees.
The exercises will be individually adjusted to everyone’s need.

Saturday 17.03.2018
15.00 – 18.00 o'clock

everybody is welcome
5 places available
please book in advance
price 34 ,-€

wear comfortable clothes
equipment is provided
if you like you can bring your own yoga mat

Note: please eat 3 hours before the workshop a light meal,
Or wait until after this workshop. Thanks.


Yin Yoga Workshop